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Livestream HD550 with Carry Bag - Go Live Australia

Have you thought about hosting your own live stream?

In case you have, did you also think about the equipment needed to host a professional live streaming event with quality sound and vision?

The perception is, hosting your own live stream is easy and can be done by live streaming a conference or event from a phone or IOS and will be professional enough for a live stream event. Unfortunately, this is not practical, as the phone is limited to the hardware that is on the phone and cannot produce the same quality live stream production, as professional live streaming equipment. Below are some disadvantages of using a phone to go live.

  • The size of the lenses within the camera is too small.
  • The distance the zoom will reach is not far.
  • No tripod for stability and panning the camera around the room.
  • The audio microphone is not professional enough, picking up outside noise, which will disrupt the audio feed.
  • The telephone signal of the phone may drop out, causing the live stream production to drop out, then end the live stream.
  • No redundancy is set up, in case the live stream drops out.

We have a solution to the problem, allowing you to go live like the pros to a platform or social media site of your choice. How you may you ask? We hire professional vision switchers with integrated cellular outputs that will allow you to go live with commercial grade production equipment, making your live stream production event stand out from your competitors.

I know what you’re saying! It’s sound technical and difficult to understand! We can assure you it’s not difficult, the live streaming vision switchers we hire are turnkey solutions, allowing novices to turn on, plug in some cameras and go live.

When you are hiring one of our lightweight vision switchers, this will allow you to host a professional live stream event, ingest commercial grade cameras for quality high definition vision, add graphics, branding and sync professional audio equipment with the vision, giving your live event the professional quality look it needs. What to expect when you hire a vision switcher from our rental department;

  • Lightweight vision switcher
  • 5 x HDMI 5 x SDI inputs for commercial grade cameras
  • 1 x 1/8″analogue audio input for an audio microphone
  • Ongoing tech support from start to finish
  • Personal embed code created for your event
  • Switcher couriered to your location

If you are considering to hire a vision switcher in Sydney for your live event and would like to go live professionally, get in contact with the vision switcher rental specialist for a free quote and consultancy.

Check out the link below for more detail on how to hire our live stream vision switchers.


Rent Livestream Studio HD550

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