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Go Live Australia is a Sydney-based live streaming company. We not only specialise in live streaming in Sydney but also live stream from anywhere in Australia and overseas. We have a team of professional live streaming technicians and video operators passionate about everything to do with live streaming! We also have a dedicated event management team there to guide you through the process, from the moment you accept the quote to the moment your event goes live! We go the extra mile to ensure each live streamed event is delivered in the best possible way, taking your creative vision and bringing that to life.

Live streaming is a fast-growing industry and has become a necessity in today’s ever-changing event environment. We take pride in delivering a high-quality live streaming service for our growing client base and enjoy seeing the end result of each live streamed event. 

There are many things to consider when you decide to live stream your event. Therefore, if you want a cost-effective way to reach a much larger audience but don’t want to jeopardise the result of your live streamed event, trust our professional team in making your next live streamed event an unforgettable experience.

We have a dedicated crew in Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide, Canberra and Hobart ready for your next live streamed event.

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Some of our happy clients include: