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Amazon NAIDOC Week Live Streaming – Evolving into a Hybrid Event

As the world keeps turning and evolving, so does the live streaming and events industry. While restrictions are starting to roll back to a bit of normalcy, whatever “Normal” means for the industry now! Things are going to be different than they were before COVID-19. The exciting notion is that events are coming back, and that will start having such a positive economic and social impact on so many levels.

Events may be on the increase now; however, they are starting to evolve into something a little more different. With the growing popularity and cost-effectiveness of Virtual Events, Hybrid events have become an even more popular way of increasing participation in the more conventional events and at a relatively low cost.

On the 10th November 2020, Go Live partnered with Amazon to deliver a very special Live Stream event in Sydney, NAIDOC Week Celebrations with Nakkiah Lui, a famous Australian actor-comedian, and Laura Berry, Chief Executive Officer of Supply Nation, this took place at the National Centre of Indigenous Excellence.

Due to COVID and the current travel restrictions at the time, Amazon NAIDOC Week is yet another example of how Go Live was able to evolve this event into a Hybrid event, allowing the full functioning of our client’s original event to proceed. There was the standard “live” in-person audience and then, due to travel restrictions, our producer brought in the second panellists, Lucy Berry, into the panel discussion through a remote Vmix call. The original plan, of course, was to have Lucy Berry live at the venue; however, as we have seen so many times over in the past year, flexibility in live streaming is paramount to a successful event.

The Amazon NAIDOC event was live streamed to a Go Live custom landing page, which Go Live designed alongside Toni Knowlsen, Digital Innovation Lead, Australia & New Zealand, Amazon Web Services. The Hybrid event had over 600 virtual guests streaming, along with the “live” audience.

To make this such a visually aesthetic production, our producers used three cameras to capture many angles during the Traditional Aboriginal Smoking Ceremony. We had two of the cameras fixed on tripods, one of which was being operated by one of our professional videographers. The second was a roaming camera capturing all the intimate moments of the ceremony.

Due to Amazon NAIDOC Week’s success, Amazon has since continued down the avenue of Hybrid events. Amazon is working with Go Live to produce all of their internal hybrid events, one has just been completed, with more to be scheduled throughout the year.

Although Hybrid events are new to the event industry as a whole, Go Live have been producing Hybrid events for the past 10 years – so trust our expertise in moving forward and bringing your next event to life. Call the Go Live team today!


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