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Livestream Your Next Event with Video Camera Hire, Audio Visual Hire and Camera Lighting Hire in Sydney

We are living in the era of streaming content From TV and movies to music and beyond, virtually every type of media has made the jump to streaming With lightning fast internet speeds, it’s now possible to move a huge amount of content across the web in a matter of seconds Unsurprisingly,... ... read more.

Reduce the Logistical Costs of Your Next Event: Rent Video Cameras and Hire Lighting and Audio Visual Equipment in Melbourne to Execute a Perfect Livestream

How much does your company spend on its events From conferences to annual meetings to shareholder calls and beyond, events have price tags, and those price tags tend to be significant The physical act of getting people together in a room to talk or listen to each other doesn’t seem like it should... ... read more.

Share Your Product, Idea or Information with More People: Plan a Brisbane Video Camera Hire, Audio Visual Hire or Camera Lighting Rental and Livestream Your Next Event!

Have you ever thought about livestreaming your company’s events With a Brisbane video camera hire from Go Live Australia, you can start streaming high quality footage of your events to the internet The question is, why should you make the shift from the way you’ve done things in the... ... read more.

Livestream from Anywhere with a Teradek Bond Hire from Go Live Australia

At Go Live Australia, we talk a lot about the potential benefits of livestreaming an event A livestream can expand the reach of your messaging, boost your exposure and yield superior engagement numbers—among other perks However, while livestreaming an event is almost always beneficial, it isn’t... ... read more.

Make Your Livestream Video Something That Is Compelling to Watch: Rent or Hire a Vision Switcher from Go Live Australia

When you watch a live video broadcast on TV—be it a sporting event, a political debate, a news broadcast or something else—what makes it compelling Often, it’s the switching from one video or footage source to the next In athletic broadcasts, this tactic helps to capture the motion and action... ... read more.