At Golive, we understand the important role of live webcasting - Go Live Australia



At Golive, we understand the important role of live webcasting

Dr Adam Fraser's Presentation

At Golive, we understand the important role live webcasting has in this ever-changing environment that we have been forced to adapt too. What once was cutting edge technology has now become a necessity to keep businesses moving ahead of their competition, and to achieve this, the organisation must invest in live remote work infrastructure.  When businesses came to a screaming halt at the hands of the pandemic, there was so much uncertainty on how a company would ever survive or continue to flourish and what has become ever so evident is the need for businesses to evolve themselves, and live webcasting is just the answer.

Live webcasting has allowed the show to go on, and Go Live has helped many businesses in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, in fact all around Australia, keep their events running as the Live Webcast has kept them connected with their clients and help expand their audience. Plus they were never compromised on quality or the level of interaction they had with their audience.

Some notable jobs we have done during this period is hosting a Live Webcasting event of a church service at the Catholic Archdiocese of Melbourne on Easter Friday, and going live during a webcasting event to over 500 schools with Dr Adam Fraser. The content from Dr Fraser was for assisting viewers with numerous mental coping mechanism to deal with anxiety associated with Covid19.

Imagine being able to ‘Go Live’ with your event globally, something that may not have been possible before as the scope of attendees is limited to a smaller local market. And now that an event is produced conventionally, really your options are limitless when live webcasting!

As there continues to be so much uncertainty from the government restrictions, and a lack of confidence within the public and business sector to operate as a business as usual. Why? put your business in jeopardy from getting to the forefront of the pandemic and make sure you are in front of the competition by hosting a live webcast.

As we say, keep planning, keep evolving, keep competitive and host a live webcasting event during these crazy times.

If you would like to Go Live, and host a live webcast, give the live webcasting experts a call today on 1300 719 333

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