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Professional Live Services in Australia:

Do you need a reliable, professional live stream company based in Australia? Then Go Live is your team.

We specialise in bringing livestream production services to businesses all around Australia. Including the ability to live stream to multiple destinations, stream from practically any location, stream in 1080p or higher, stream using a paywall, stream a professional multi camera switched production and add graphics including lower thirds, holding slides, TVCs, logos and picture in picture. 

Multiple Destinations:

At Go Live we are able to stream to many different destinations simultaneously. As a company this gives you flexibility in allowing you to stream to anywhere you want. We are able to stream to Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Twitch, Periscope, Yammer, Wowza, Mixer, Slido, LinkedIn, any other rtmp enabled streaming service and of course your website through an advanced iframe video player.

This live player allows unlimited viewers, can stream 24/7, gives users options when it comes to playback resolution, has a built in DVR for easy rewatching, automatically saves the latest stream as an on demand video and allows live comments and interaction during your broadcast. 

We also offer hosted live streaming where we build a custom landing page for your clients and customers to visit. 

Stream from Anywhere:

Not only can we stream to almost any destination, using our Bonded Encoder we are able to stream from anywhere as well. Unlike most setups, our Encoder combines upto 5 4G connections and 1 Ethernet connection into a single solid internet connection. This means in even the most remote places we are able to stream reliability in high quality. 

High Quality Streaming:

All of our streaming packages stream at a minimum of 1080p with most of our video production services now delivering in 4K. 

In some situations we may also be able to stream your event in glorious 4K. However this is very limited as most users don’t have a 4K enabled device with a fast enough internet connection. There are also very few platforms that will allow 4K streaming. BUT it is still possible!

Pay per view:

One of our premium services includes the ability to stream from behind a paywall. This allows you to stream quality content and earn money at the same time. This is perfect for physical events where you already have attendees paying and want to expand this to a greater audience. 

Switched Production:

All of our live stream packages come with a production switcher with a standard 2 cameras. This number can be increased for more dynamic and engaging shoots. A standard corporate stream will generally contain just 2 cameras, a wide and tight. Where as a live music event might contain anywhere from 5-10 cameras to give greater flexibility in shots. 

We are also able to stream using wireless cameras on steady cam rigs, manned tripod cameras, remote PTZ robotic cameras and even crane cameras. 


All of our production switchers have the ability to stream with live graphics. Lower Thirds are used to identify talent for the live stream audience. We can also add logos to help brand your content. TVCs can also be used to promote sponsorships in sports broadcasts. We also use holding slides for before and after a stream. Picture in picture is often used in corporate presentations when a live audience needs to see both the presenter and slides at the same time. 

For more information on our live production services or anything else offered by Go Live Australia feel free to get in contact.

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