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Australian Professional Body Boarding live stream international shark island event

The International Shark Island Event

The International Shark Island Event

The International Shark Island Body Board Challenge is held just off the coast of Cronulla every year. It is the most prestigious body board contest to be held by the Body Board Tour. The reef break, known amongst surfer’s worldwide, is one of the most dangerous reef breaks in the world, as large waves break on top of shallow reef break. Although being one of the most dangerous waves in the world, the quality of the wave is worth the risk.

This year, when the largest swell and weather patterns formed off the East coast early June, they called to hold the event on the seventh and eighth of June. It was made and set in concrete for the event to be run. Following the announcement fifteen of the best national and international body boarders came from all over the world to compete in the event with as little as one or two days notice. Like the previous years, the APB live streamed the sports event for a national and international audience to get in on the action from were ever they were.

This year, instead of just filming the event from land to capture a wide and tight angle, we had one of our cameramen in a boat in the channel with a RED Epic shooting in 4k. This angle was then sent back to the switcher to be replayed in slow motion for the commentators to comment on the replay, which would then be incorporated in the production for the viewers to see.

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