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Live Streaming how does it work

Live streaming is gaining momentum not only in the events industry but in the way companies are running the day-to-day business. Go Live is live streaming more than we have ever done before, and there is no indication this type of industry will slow down. Many companies now realise that Live Streaming is an efficient way to communicate and is

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Live Video Streaming, Engaging Student Viewers

Schools, Universities and TAFE’s in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, ACT and Perth have needed to adapt to a new way of running their events. Due to having such heavy event schedules throughout the year, it was a matter of finding a way they could still execute these events, whilst not losing their audience, plus making the events engaging on a

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Home Technology giant Dyson, continues to host live streaming events from their Sydney office with Go Live

COVID restrictions are still preventing consumers from purchasing items in shops Australia Wide. So Dyson, who is a Home technology giant, decided to utilise live streaming as a way to stay connected with customers, influences and staff. Plus, by using the alternative communication system, this has allowed Dyson to interact with a broader audience, not only in Australia but across

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Go live Live streaming solutions have assisted with parents attending graduations as COVID restrictions stopped parents from attending their child’s graduation

COVID restrictions stopped parents from attending their child’s graduation. Therefore Live streaming school graduations have exploded due to COVID-19, and this is the perfect example of how Go Live live streaming solution can ensure no one does not miss out on the important moments of their family’s life. Recently, Golive has been working with many schools during the graduation period

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Live streaming event is the new norm

Livestreaming is the new norm and what comes with it is the new way of doing events. Livestreaming remote callers into the event are helping open up the world of education and entertainment to new opportunities, plus creates greater scope for International speakers to participate. Remote callers – what are they and how does this work for my event? It

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Live Streaming with Musica Viva

The Internet was only the beginning, allowing innovative ways for companies to communicate virtually and with ease, but over the past 20 years, live streaming is becoming the mainstream way we can share our brands, business and events to an even larger audience. Through today’s fast-evolving live streaming solutions, it has become even more possible to watch a live stream

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Dyson host webcast for their Corrale straightener range.

British technology company Dyson, who specialises in manufacturing household appliances, including the top-rated bagless vacuum, also produce hair care tools for people worldwide. Go Live are very excited as Dyson has come on board to host a series of webcast events for external guest and clients throughout the world during these difficult times. To kick off the series, the first

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The positive results Live Webcasting it is having on companies!

As COVID-19 continues to wreak havoc across the country and many industries, the importance of live webcasting is continually being introduced in day-to-day businesses. Additionally, companies are now starting to see the positive impact this “new norm” is beginning to have on their business outcomes.  By going live, companies are lowering the costs of holding events, while reaching a broader audience than just the audience in the

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How many companies are live streaming their events with success!

Over the last three months, we have all seen a dramatic shift in the way a lot of Melbourne companies are doing business! This shift has seen a lot of corporates in unfamiliar territory, trying to work out how they can continue to communicate with their employees, clients and abroad, seamlessly and productively. Live streaming has become their answer, a

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