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Amazon NAIDOC Week Live Streaming – Evolving into a Hybrid Event

As the world keeps turning and evolving, so does the live streaming and events industry. While restrictions are starting to roll back to a bit of normalcy, whatever “Normal” means for the industry now! Things are going to be different than they were before COVID-19. The exciting notion is that events are coming back, and that will start having such

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The equipment needed for Live Streaming an event!

Go Live is a professional live streaming company that live streams in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth. Over the years, we have found in the live production industry, the balance with your live streaming equipment, from the wants to the must-haves, is vital, ensuring the best result for every live stream or production. Like with anything in life, more

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Sydney Hybrid Events

In a matter of days, organisers of live Sydney events and conferences, that had been planning their events months in advance, were suddenly faced with cancellation after cancellation, or at the very least postponement. They face having to think outside the “event square” to keep the industry alive and moving. With restrictions starting to ease in most states, uncertainty with

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Video Streaming Solutions – Everything you need to know

2020 has proven that video streaming solutions are being used more than ever before. In fact, video streaming has become a critical way businesses have been communicating on all levels and in all industries over the last couple of years, especially with a huge shift of individuals now working from home due to COVID 19 restrictions. Live streaming is merely

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City Of Armadale Host a Live webcast Event

It is no secret that in-person events can be costly, whether it is a high profile event or merely just employee training days. Between audiovisual, venue, travel and food costs, in-person events can add up very quickly! By hosting event webcasts, businesses can provide their attendees with the same professional event experience virtually, but for a fraction of the cost.

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Live Stream Australia

The world of marketing, events and communications is always evolving, meaning event managers need to think of new ways to reach customers. This is why Live Stream in Australia has gained so much traction. Even before the recent pandemic, hosting a Live Stream had become an integral part of every event. In addition to your event being Live streamed, video

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Live Stream your Sydney Event the Professional Way!

Many Sydney businesses are now turning to Live Streaming services for their annual events, meetings and day-to-day business. With this, they realise just how important it is in selecting a provider that has the track record within the industry of being professional, efficient and providing the best quality Live Streamed end product. Go Live have the privilege of working alongside

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Live Streaming how does it work

Live streaming is gaining momentum not only in the events industry but in the way companies are running the day-to-day business. Go Live is live streaming more than we have ever done before, and there is no indication this type of industry will slow down. Many companies now realise that Live Streaming is an efficient way to communicate and is

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Live Video Streaming, Engaging Student Viewers

Schools, Universities and TAFE’s in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, ACT and Perth have needed to adapt to a new way of running their events. Due to having such heavy event schedules throughout the year, it was a matter of finding a way they could still execute these events, whilst not losing their audience, plus making the events engaging on a

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