The Benefits of Having Three Camera Angles While Live Webcasting



The benefits of having three camera-angles while live webcasting

Live Webcasting with Three Cameras

Live Webcasting with Three Camera Angles

The main benefit of using three cameras is that it provides the viewer the best viewing experience for your live webcasting event. This was especially the case for a live stream event we recently did with nine speakers whom sat opposite each other for a round-table discussion.

This event was for an accounting software company called Sage who are an online accounting database for businesses and start up companies alike. The speakers talked about the benefits of the Sage Software and how it is used practically within the business and financial market.

With nine speakers interacting and exchanging discussion between each other, the best and most practical way to cover the discussion for the live webcast was to set up a camera on either side of the group and place a camera at the end of the table for a wide angle to capture the whole table discussion.

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Chief Executive Officer Stephen Kelly

Chief Executive Officer Stephen Kelly Hosted this year’s round table discussion

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