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At Golive, we understand the important role of live webcasting

Dr Adam Fraser's Presentation

At Golive, we understand the important role live webcasting has in this ever-changing environment that we have been forced to adapt too. What once was cutting edge technology has now become a necessity to keep businesses moving ahead of their competition, and to achieve this, the organisation must invest in live remote work infrastructure.  When businesses came to a screaming

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Host a private live streaming session

Hosting a private live streaming event is something Go Live regularly does, and is a live streaming service that we provide in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane and all over Australia. Whether the event has private information for invited guess only or the Live Streaming host would like to make some money through Pay Per View, then hosting a private event

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The key points as to why professional live streaming is far superior are

Security Free APPS might seem like the solution to stay connected in our lockdown world; however, they could be costing us more than we think. Professional live stream platforms are more secure than teleconferencing software, and they have the ability to create unique URLs, password protection and restrict embedding of the URLs. We can also block certain geographical areas if

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Now is the time to host a Webcast

If your business, organization, company or other has been affected by the COVID 19 virus, then chances are, either you or your colleagues are working remotely. So how do you communicate with each other? If you are using teleconferencing software like Zoom, then you are on the right path. But! what if you want to your live webcast to look

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Livestream Equipment Hire

Not only does Go Live Australia resell livestream, production and video equipment, we also rent out most of our production equipment as well. During this current climate this may be perfect for you to rent a new piece of gear. Rental is perfect to try out gear before purchase or to run one off events. Along with the rental of

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Virtual Open Homes and Auctions

Is COVID-19 stopping you from holding open homes and auctions? We have a solution for you! A completely virtual experience for your potential new home owners.  As a live stream production company we are the experts in bringing professional live stream experiences to your audience. We will also take care of your custom webpage, designed specifically for your business and

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Funeral Home Live Streaming

Go Live Australia offers Live Streaming solutions and support for Funeral Homes. We offer a variety of solutions available for rent and purchase. Allow family and friends to still be a part of the service through live streaming.  Yes it is possible to live stream funeral services and it is simpler than you might think. Our team will look after

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Church Live Stream Solutions

Basic Setup: The simplest and most affordable solution is to use what most people already have, their phone. Most phones these days are capable of impressive video quality and audio capture. And with YouTube and Facebook offering direct live streaming from their apps you can get up and running with a livestream quickly.  If you are going with this solution

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Options To Host an event around Coronavirus (COVID-19) Outbreak

As you are aware, the coronavirus is making life difficult for the Australian general public, but also impeding businesses globally when trying to come together to communicate and network at conferences, business summits and trade shows. On a daily bases, we are receiving enquiries about live webcasting a clients event because the virus is restricting people from traveling and attending

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Live Streaming in Melbourne

Go live is arguably one of the best live streaming companies in Melbourne. With a client base ranging from small businesses to large corporations throughout Australia and gaining over more than 20 years experience amongst our employees, this makes Go Live one of the most knowledgeable Live Streaming companies in Melbourne, if not Australia. Recent live streams based in Melbourne

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