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Why we incorporate switching when we live stream your event?

Live Stream Your Event with a Switcher

Live Streaming an Event with a Switcher If you have more than one camera angle during the production we will incorporate a switcher in the production. The difference a switcher makes when we live stream your event compared to a standard live stream using one camera is significant. A switcher not only gives the live webcasting team the opportunity to

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Live stream on Facebook to reach the largest audience in the world

Facebook Live Streaming Services

Facebook Live Streaming Services Get Professional Facebook Live Streaming Services & Assistance With over 1.5 billion users on Facebook, hosting a professional live streaming production on Facebook will give you the opportunity to expand your audience and share your live stream event with the largest audience in the world. Live streaming a professional production on Facebook is good way to

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Have you thought about holding a live pay per event?

Pay Per View Event

Live Pay Per View Event Have you thought about holding a live pay per view event? And charge a fee for only paid viewers to watch your live webcasting event. With experience in this field, we can make this possible and will take away the stress of you doing it yourself. Go Live will set up the pay per view

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Sydney Writers Festival 2016 Live Webcasting Nationally

Live Webcast - The Sydney Writers Festival 2016

Live Webcasting Services in Australia The Sydney Writers Festival is Australia’s largest celebration of literature, stories and ideas. It is presented by some of Australia’s most popular novelists, artists and curators for one week in May every year.This year, the Writers Festival is running from the 16th through to the 22nd of May and will be live webcasting nationally from

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Go Live on Facebook

Go Live on Facebook

Going live on Facebook lets people, public figures, corporations and companies share a live event through a live video on their page. It could be an announcement, live conference, entertainment event or for any other reason. This will help increase the exposure of your live event and the popularity and likes of your Facebook page to friends and followers. Additionally

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What are the benefits of live streaming conferences?

Live Streaming Conferences Benefits

Live Streaming Conferences – Benefits In a society that is so time-poor from work commitments these days, it makes it impossible to be two places at once to attend an important function, meeting or conference that you need to be at. Well, the solution is to have the corporate event live streamed. You can stay in the office or your

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SAP enterprise software company Live stream conference from main office to connect live to global offices

Live Stream Conference

Live Stream Corporate Event Recently, SAP who are a global technology application software company held a conference in their office based in North Sydney and live streamed the conferences to their partner offices located globally. With their partner offices located in Melbourne, Brisbane, Western Australia and all over the world. It was not possible for everyone to attend the Live

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GLA Live Webcasting Sydney Children’s Hospitals Diploma Ceremony

Live Webcasting Services, Australia

Live Webcasting Services at GO LIVE Australia Sydney Children’s Hospital Network is the largest pediatric healthcare entity in Australia. They work in partnership with educational organizations to improve the health and wellbeing of children through research, education and advocacy. Over the last 25 years the network has been running a postgraduate course in pediatrics for doctors, nurses and other healthcare

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