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Video Transfer using the Birddog Studio NDI

The Birddog Studio NDI is an NDI solution for converting and transmitting SDI video. Using their own purpose built silicon chip it results in ultra low latency encoding and decoding. The Studio NDI features both SDI & HDMI inputs and loop outputs,  a gigabit PoE ethernet port, audio intercom system and an NDI tally light up front. This screen also

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Corporate video productions

Today, small to large businesses are creating showreel videos to inform clients and consumers of what their business core values are and what products they are selling.  Our corporate video production services are a great way to create a video for this, as we use nothing short of quality camera equipment that will produce crystal clear vision that is enjoyable

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How do you Live stream an event, Tips and Trips

If a live stream event is not set up correctly or the equipment utilised during the production is not the right equipment, than this can be a recipe for the live stream to fail and ruin a good live stream event. As one of the larger live stream providers in Australia, we know the importance of getting the live stream

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Multi Camera Live Streaming with the AJA U-Tap SDI – Product Review

The U-TAP SDI from AJA is a small powered USB 3.0 capture device for bringing in high quality video into your computer or workstation. The U-Tap is driverless making in widely supported amongst applications like Skype, VMix, YouTube & Facebook Live, Zoom, Webex & OBS. The U-Tap comes in both SDI and HDMI variants. The SDI version comes with a

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Atomos Ninja V – Best Buy!

The Atoms Ninja V is one of the latest products released from Atomos. Bringing Apple ProRes RAW video capture to the masses through a reasonable price and perfect size for vloggers and on the go shooters.  The Ninja V is both a 1080p monitor and a 4K60 10-bit HDR recording beast. The screen displays 10+ stop of dynamic range and

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Audio and Visual Equipment Hire

Sennheiser EW 100 –ENG G3 Lapel Wireless Mic- Go Live Australia

Although we are a Sydney based company, we do hire audio and visual equipment to other states and capital cities. These cities include Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide and regional areas if required. Our audio and visual rental range includes high definition production cameras, plus professional audio equipment that can be hired to produce a quality one-off event or multiple events

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Vision Switcher Hire

Livestream HD550 with Carry Bag - Go Live Australia

Live streaming or even filming an event with multiple cameras is much easier when using a vision switcher machine. From past experiences, we have found using the switcher enables you too cut from an out of focus or range camera angle to a camera in focus capturing what is happening during the event. By using the vision switcher machine, this

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How to livestream on Twitch

Twitch is the world leader in online game streaming. Bringing together game streamers and viewers into one social platform. There are two common options for game streamers. Game and Stream from a single computer, or use two separate computers. We will show you some options for both. Option 1: Single system First things first is to download OBS. This is

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#1 Video Camera Hire in Australia

Looking to hire a video camera? We have a good range of broadcasting cameras that will make your event look and sound professional like a television production.  Plus, by using quality equipment, this makes your video enjoyable to watch and this is only achieved by using quality high definition cameras and professional audio equipment, making the vision crystal clear and

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Teradek unveils next generation 4K Bolt

Teradek has announced the Teradek Bolt 4K at NAB 2019. This new and improved model boasts at 2160p60 HDR video transmission at up to 1500ft of range for the larger model. Teradek say they have increased the signal performance by 8x in order to achieve the new extended range and 4K transmission. The new Bolt also has AES-256 encryption and

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