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GLA Live Stream Australia Day Sunshine Coast Citizenship Ceremony

Live Streaming Services, Australia

Live Streaming Services in Australia Around 1500 Sunshine Coast residents become an Australian citizen every year. But before they can become a citizen they must attend a ceremony and make a formal pledge. The Sunshine Coast Council runs six ceremonies every year, with the Australia day ceremony being the most popular one. This year, the Australian Ceremony was held at

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First of all, Happy New Year from all of us at Go Live Australia. We hope you all had a good break over the Christmas holidays. We are starting to see more live streaming technologies such as Periscope, Facebook live and other live streaming service software more and more each year. It has also been a popular new connecting platform

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It’s not exactly Brain Surgery…or is it?

Live Webcasting Brain Aneurysm

Live Webcasting Brain Aneurysm It goes with the nature of our industry that we live webcast a variety of things in many different industries. This can be anything from corporate events, live stream a sports events to recently live webcasting a brain aneurysm. A medical company called Medtronic recently contacted Go Live, asking if it was possible to live webcast

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Australian Academy of Technological Science and Engineering Conference

Live Streaming, Sydney

Live Streaming Services in Sydney & across Australia Live Streaming for ATSE Conference in Sydney Unconventional gas (shale gas and coal seam gas) is a topic that raises different issues and opinions. In September, the Australian Academy of Technological Science and Engineering (ATSE) held a two- day conference in Sydney. Scientists, engineers, social scientists economists and community representatives met to

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Live Webcast

Live Webcasting Services Live Webcasting for Engineer Australia Engineer Australia recently got in contact with Go Live Australia to webcast a Question and Answer with the audience during a live stream.A panel of speakers from Engineer Australia would talk about what the benefits and possibilities were from obtaining an engineering degree.Go Live Australia has a chat system in which the

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Live Real Estate Property Auction

Recently, Highland Property Group approached us to live stream an auction from their in house property auction room. With a full house, and many overseas investors, all of whom were interested in purchasing one of the listed properties. Live webcasting the auction was a very good alternative for people not able to attend the auction, especially if the investor was

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Not Enough Seats In The Chapel? Then Live Stream Your Wedding Event

Wedding Live Streaming

Wedding Live Streaming Are you getting married? But are unable to invite all the people you want? The best solution is to live steam the wedding, so that no one misses out on your big day. Another good reason wedding live streaming can benefit your wedding, can be for family and friends either overseas, working, in hospital, or for elderly

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Stream Your Sports Events Live With Go Live Australia

Live Stream Your Sports Events

Sports Events Live Streaming Have you ever thought about live streaming your sports event to reach a global audience? Go live Australia can make this possible by live streaming your sports event or game through any website. If your sports code has a national or international following, then live streaming can help expand the audience from outside the sports ground.

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Live Streaming At KOI Business Graduation Ceremony

Kings Own Institute is located in central Sydney, Australia. It offers high quality accredited degree courses in business. On the 29th of April, the business institute Live Streamed their 6th graduation ceremony for family or friends to watch who could not attend the ceremony. This Live Stream ceremony not only benefit the Australian viewers who could not attend, but it also

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Looking For Corporate Live Streaming?

Live Stream Corporate Events Do you have a corporate event coming up, but not everyone can attend? Why not live stream the event so that everyone can attend? By doing this, it would enable you to reach all the stake holders in the business regardless if they can physically attend the event or not. Live streaming corporate events makes it possible for

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