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Branded Content (new)

Branded Content (new)

Branded content packages are built for companies that need to send consistent and clear messages to their employees and customers. We help you to create a unique set of videos and live streams that best show off your products, service and content. Allowing you to send the message you want to send over a medium that few understand. Live streaming and video are so powerful in todays marketing it is vital to ensure your brand is being looked after.

Using a combination of recorded content and live streaming, or webcasting, we can help you to release new products, inform employees of new products and services or even address your entire audience on social media or to a private page. This content is then not limited to just those in the same office or city, it is sent globally. Live streaming allows your intended audience to be anywhere in the world and still feel a part of what is happening.

We then incorporate a combination of live and pre recorded content to ensure your message is sent across clearly and consistently.

Branded content can also be made secure. Using our premium web page, we can restrict and capture any visitors trying access your content. Whether this be through geo blocking, password protection and user information gathering. We make sure all of your audience information is gathered and made available to you.

We generate informative and detailed reports of all users accessing your streams and or branded content page. With regular updates sent to you detailing how many users watched the stream, the viewer retention, device access and access location.

By allowing us to manage your online video presence we give you a premium web portal for all of your content. This portal is uniquely branded and displays all of your live and past live streams and video content. It can include a purpose built questions and comments section. As well as having the ability to display any necessary content about products and services to your audience.

An expert team will work with you to create a unique, specifically targeted set of live streams, webcasts and video content. Using a combination of multi camera setups, live video ingestion, graphical overlays and logos to assist us in doing so.

This combined with live interaction through comments and questions allows your audience to feel like they are in the room and truly interacting with you during your talk, demonstration and/or sales pitch.

Just require recorded content? We can do that as well! We are more than happy to come in and help you produce new product and service videos for your own needs. Whatever it may be we are your video experts.