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Enter the Hybrid Era

The Australian Central business districts (CBDs) are the hearts of our cities, the centre of commerce, leisure and creativity. Australia’s CBDs are essential in helping drive the country’s economy, and this is evident as 12% of the activity can be connected to four of the countries CBD’s. A study done by Price Water Cooper shows that Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and

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Virtual Event with Australia Space Agency and NASA

Go live is excited to announce that they hosted a virtual Livestream with the Australian space agency and special guest NASA during world space week. The virtual event was hosted in Adelaide, South Australia, at the space agency headquarters on Friday, the 7th of October. The discussion between the head of ASA, Enrico Palermo and NASA astronaut Shannon Walker discussed

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virtual, hybrid events Season

By now, you may now have sat in numerous virtual events and be a little exhausted from attending online meetings day after day. The positive side is that you now understand how a virtual meeting is hosted and what to expect when attending a virtual meeting. Furthermore, you realise what benefits there is with attending a virtual event online. To

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Live Streaming Cameras

Many different types of cameras can be used for live streaming an event, and in general, they all do the same thing, capture the content and utilise the feed for the Livestream. Although it is possible to use the feed from any camera, then ingest this into the Livestream, specific cameras are much more suited for live streaming than other

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The equipment needed for Live Streaming an event!

Go Live is a professional live streaming company that live streams in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth. Over the years, we have found in the live production industry, the balance with your live streaming equipment, from the wants to the must-haves, is vital, ensuring the best result for every live stream or production. Like with anything in life, more

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Video Transfer using the Birddog Studio NDI

The Birddog Studio NDI is an NDI solution for converting and transmitting SDI video. Using their own purpose built silicon chip it results in ultra low latency encoding and decoding. The Studio NDI features both SDI & HDMI inputs and loop outputs,  a gigabit PoE ethernet port, audio intercom system and an NDI tally light up front. This screen also

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Product Review: The Roland V-1SDI

Finding the perfect switcher to suit your needs is often difficult. All the factors of size, inputs, outputs, power and weight all need to be balanced to find what we are looking for. The Roland V-1SDI is something that we have seen before in terms of size and weight but not in power and I/O. For us as a Livestream

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We hire audio Visual Equipment.

The most important part of a production is the vision, but when the audio is off, this can ruin the whole production, making your event undesirable to watch.  We not only priorities the visual component, but also audio. Because getting the audio to sound clear, uninterrupted and loud enough is crucial for a live stream event or production, as hearing

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We Love the NewTek VS 4000

NewTek TalkShow VS 4000 Multi-Channel Video Calling System - Go Live Australia

The Newtek 4000 is by far, one of the most valuable hardware systems we rent andsell. The NewTek Talkshow VS 4000 Multi-Channel video calling system, allows youto simultaneously include up to four guests in real time from anywhere in theworld, by using the Skype cloud platform. The interaction between guests hasminimal latency and up to full- HD quality vision, so the

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Video Camera Rental

Panasonic 4k AG – UX 180 Premium Professional Camcorder - Go Live Australia

Do you have an event coming up and looking for a video camera hire house in Sydney to rent a camera from? Go Live have been renting out quality high definition cameras for over 2 years now, and providing many organizations with the hardware and advise to shoot their events and functions, enabling them to capture the action, product or

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