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Product Review: The Roland V-1SDI

Finding the perfect switcher to suit your needs is often difficult. All the factors of size, inputs, outputs, power and weight all need to be balanced to find what we are looking for. The Roland V-1SDI is something that we have seen before in terms of size and weight but not in power and I/O. For us as a Livestream

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We now hire professional camera’s and live streaming equipment

If you have a future event that requires audio and visual equipment for one day or a short period of time. Instead of outlaying thousands of dollars on the equipment, you may only use once or a couple of times, then blowing the budget on your event. It makes more sense to hire a commercial grade camera and audio equipment

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Good practices to implement before you live stream your event.

We find when clients hold their first live stream event, the planning process and all the technical lingo that goes with the live production can be overwhelming for the client. This blog will explain some of the technical jargon and overwhelming situations you may be nervous about when Live streaming your event and what we can do to reduce the

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The truth about Live webcasting

Live webcasting is a growing trend…. Don’t believe us? Statistics don’t lie, check-out the fascinating statistics compiled by livestrem.com which we have outlined below – enjoy the read J Did you know more than 80% of Internet and mobile audiences watched more live video in 2016 as compared to 2015 and streaming video accounts for over two-thirds of all Internet

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our live streaming services span across the country.

At Go Live Australia our live streaming services span across the country. Wherever you want to live stream from we can help you. Amazing you say! How do you do it? Is it reliable? These are common questions that are asked. The answer is that the equipment we use for our live streaming productions is portable and compact allowing us

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We now rent live streaming and camera equipment

Professional Live Streaming Kit - Go Live Australia

Go Live Sydney branch is going into rental too not only rent video cameras in Sydney but also throughout the whole of Australia. For the last five years, we have been solely focusing on providing professional Live Streaming services for various types of industries for big and small organizations throughout Australia and some international countries respectively. Over these years we

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Our Live stream services go all over the Country!

No matter where your event is held, we can travel to you and go live from anywhere in the country – wherever you need us we will be there to live to stream your event. Our live stream services department will organise everything including videographers, live stream switcher operators and audio technicians to live to stream your event. With our

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Shark Island Challenge live streams to Facebook

The 20th Anniversary of the Shark Island competition hosted by World Body boarding association was held recently in Sydney’s coastal town Cronulla. The event saw body boarders come from all over Australia to compete against twenty-five of the nations best in the one-day event to battle it out for the prestigious 20th anniversary trophy and prize money on offer. The

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Laser Clinics Australia Host a Live Webcasting in Sydney

Skincare and cosmetic Clinic Company Laser Clinic was looking for the best way to engage with clinics and interested parties to explain how their professional skin and beauty procedures work, plus what clients can expect when getting the treatment done from one of their 80 clinics located throughout Australia. After doing extensive research on the best way to engage with

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Increase the attendance at your next event through livestreaming

FACT: 67% of viewers are more likely to buy a ticket to a similar concert or event after watching the live video of an event. (source: livestream.com) The common concern we hear is “I want bums on seats, Livestreaming the event will make people not come to the actual event”. This is false, statistics have shown that by offering live

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