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CBRE – Remote Webinar Series

Since live streaming has grown in popularity over the past 18 months, not only due to the COVID pandemic but also because businesses are realising the positive impact of live streaming, it has also become evident that a lot of companies have tried to successfully live stream their events internally. Whilst some have certainly been successful in this task, others have realised the ease of appointing a professional live streaming company to live stream all their events. 

CBRE appointed Go Live to manage and live stream their recent remote webinar series after they realised how stressful this job can be when taking it on themselves internally. After streaming the first of five remote webinars they came to us to manage the remaining. This is what we are seeing time and time again, cutting down on costs of DIY live streaming can too often backfire for companies, or they just don’t get the level of professionalism in their live streamed remote events when managing them on their own.

CBRE Group, Inc. (Coldwell Banker Richard Ellis) is an American commercial real estate service and investment firm. It is the largest commercial real estate services company in the world. Being such a large firm they must maintain a level of professionalism in all that they do, which is why they came to Go Live to assist with their live streamed remote webinar series. 

The live stream remote webinar series took place over four days, CBRE provided Go Live with all of their pre-recorded content and graphic assets, the live stream producer then pushed this content live to the Go Live platform. The benefits of pre-recording the content means you have complete 100% control over the footage, you can also stream these events at times to suit your audience, not your presenters. Not to mention the pressure is off your presenters when they are pre-recording their presentations and not delivering them live. 

During the four-day remote webinar series, CBRE received 830 unique views, making the webinar a huge success for them, with minimal effort. Like with any remote live streamed event, you must receive good viewer numbers to make the whole process worth it. CBRE required constant updates on the audience numbers viewing the remote webinar series, which the Go Live team were able to assist with by pulling analytical reports whilst the remote webinar was taking place. 

Who knows how long lockdowns are going to last in Australia so keep communicating with your peers and audience by holding remote live stream events. Remember Go Live can produce any event remotely so just speak to us about how can help keep your events going.

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