Live Streaming for Coca-Cola CCA Summer Road Show 2016/2017




Live Streaming Coca-Cola CCA Summer Road Show

Go Live Australia Live Stream Coca-Cola CCA Summer Road Show 2016/2017

Live streaming the Coca Cola Annual (CCA) road show across Australia was a new cost effective way for the CCA event to be managed. The purpose of livestreaming was for the marketing department of each Coca-Cola branch both nationally and globally to watch the road show via our our live stream platform as if they were attending in person. This gave them the ability to watch the live stream that included various show reels of how Coca Cola had partnered with labels including Sprite, Fanta, Mount Franklin and other brands.

Broadway Hoyts in Sydney was the location for the Live Stream production. The idea for livestreaming came about as the cinema was filled to capacity and wasn’t able to accommodate all staff. By livestreaming the event Coca Cola was also able to save a large amount of money in travel cost for staff. With issues such as cost, capacity and international/national staff the most practical solution was to live stream the event for Coca-Cola. Staff were given an event login password into the CCA road show webpage, which would allow them to watch the live streaming production on a secure server, only those with the password can watch the live stream . Additionally as we send the production out in multiple bitrate, this allowed the external viewers to watch the production on either a desktop, IOS, or any other mobile device

For this lives steam event, our team set up the entire production from a livestreaming point of view. The live production crew consisted of 3 manned cameras, numerous show reel’s and commercials played through out the event all live streamed through the switcher, branding was consistent throughout the event with a Coca Cola watermark in the right hand corner of the screen for the duration of the livestream. For further personalization a presenters name, title and position was placed on the screen during the production in a lower third as they were introduced onto the stage.

If you are interested in a similar production or have any enquires about what we can do for your live streaming event, get in contact with the live streaming professionals, Go live Australia. Our live stream video ing services cater for events Australian wide, don’t forget we can live stream to any location from any location in Australia including Brisbane, Melbourne, Canberra, Adelaide, Perth and Sydney.

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