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Connecting international doctors via the Skype Talkshow VS4000

Think real time, real vision, real conversations this is what the Skype Talkshow VS4000 can do for you. The Skype TX is a Professional High Definition (HD) multi – channel video calling system that is designed to connect you and your guest with up to 4 external remote speakers/guest from all over the world in real time, regardless of the location.

The most exciting thing about this system is that you are no longer limited to having speakers who can attend your event in person. You can literally have any speaker from anywhere around the world. This technology allows us to bring the speaker/guest into the room of the conference and ingest the feed into a professional live streaming production that you are hosting. We can add their powerpoint, graphics and branding to the live stream to suit your creative vision.

Ultimately this means that if your Australia live stream conference was held in Sydney or any other location within Australia, we can invite a guest from London in real time to be part of your live stream conference. Moreover, this international or national guest could be anywhere in the world all they need is an Internet connection. We send a high definition feed back to the speaker using our high definition broadcast camera’s so they feel as if they are right there with the conference.

Recently we used the Skype TX solution for the first aid resuscitation conference in Sydney. This conference went for three day and discussed the affects and progression of the first aid literature. The conference invited 12 special guest Doctors from all over the world to speak, educate and interact with the crowd through the Skype TX solution software in real time.

Thinking of hosting a similar conference with an external guest. Get in contact with the live video streaming solutions specialist to see what our Skype video streaming solutions software could incorporate into your event.


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