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Corporate video productions

Today, small to large businesses are creating showreel videos to inform clients and consumers of what their business core values are and what products they are selling.  Our corporate video production services are a great way to create a video for this, as we use nothing short of quality camera equipment that will produce crystal clear vision that is enjoyable and appealing to watch. Having your audience engage in the video is so important for your brand’s values and consumer retention.

The type of cameras we use for shooting corporate video productions consist of 5.7k image sensors, meaning it is capable of rendering smooth 4k images seen in documentaries, cinema and live event productions. When you see crystal clear slow-motion footage, generally this is shot with a 4 k camera, similar to what we are using in our corporate video productions.

The videos can then be embedded on your social media platform, website or shown at an event to inform your viewers. These videos can also be a useful tool for targeting specific markets through your social media platform as they are placed in the feed for people to view.

Want to know more about creating a corporate video that will stand out and help inform your audience. Give Go Live Australia a call to see what we can do for you. We will come to site and shoot your video in all capital cities, including Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth. 

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