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DIY Live Streaming

Individuals, organizations or aspiring live streamers sometimes Live stream themselves, to either save money or think hosting their live stream will be as good as a professional Live stream provider like go live Australia.  

Unfortunately, this is not the case, because generally, the equipment that is used by the aspiring live streamers is not professional equipment or even sufficient enough to come close. Therefore cannot be compared to the professional live streaming equipment used by professional live streaming companies.

Think of a live stream that was recorded on an iPhone or basic camera and the vision was grainy plus shaky, audio was not clear and sounded distant, plus the lighting was dark, making it hard for the viewer to see. This is because the infrastructure in the phone does not support these issues.

Why do you ask? Well, the camera lens generally loses quality once it zooms in past 5 feet, the footage is shaky because it is not supported on a commercial grade tripod. The audio is being received through the microphone in the bottom of the phone a couple of feet away, meaning the microphone will pick up background noise that will be mixed in with the vocals.

Plus, most of the DIY Live streaming videos we have seen do not use lighting, and this can damage the production when the presenter is talking in the dark or a room with poor quilty light, making the DIY production look dull.

The solutions to these issues are simple, by using a commercial grade camera on a professional tripod like Miller, which pans slowly, tilts up and level out the vision on a bubble head helps produce a smooth production.  The audio should be received through a lapel or handheld microphone, then mixed through a mixing desk to suit the surrounding environment, professional lighting should be used to brightening up the room to give your production that glow factor.

If you are interested in renting the live streaming equipment in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane or any state give us call to see what our availability is. Alternatively, if you would like Go Live to take care of your production for you. Give us call to see what is possible, call us 1300 719 633 or email us at

Above is a professional Live Stream we produced with Laser Clinics Australia. With Dr Jonathan Hopkirk.

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