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Dyson host webcast for their Corrale straightener range.

British technology company Dyson, who specialises in manufacturing household appliances, including the top-rated bagless vacuum, also produce hair care tools for people worldwide.

Go Live are very excited as Dyson has come on board to host a series of webcast events for external guest and clients throughout the world during these difficult times. To kick off the series, the first webcast was to promote and demonstrate their Corrale hair straightener from the Dyson hair product range.

The live webcast was hosted in a Sydney studio with two other international presenters abroad in New Zealand and England. As the Sydney based professional hairstylists demonstrated the function of the new Dyson hair straightener, he discussed the benefits with external presenters via the live webcast link through the vision switcher.

Moreover, he was able to exchange experiences and bounce ideas of them in real-time, whilst styling the model’s hair. The feedback from the external presenters in the webcast was insightful and educative for the online guest watching the webcast event.

At the end of the webcast, all three presenters answered viewers questions from their abroad locations, whilst interacting with each other through the live webcast link.

To achieve a professional multi-camera live webcast like this, Go Live used three 4k cameras and switched between the angles in a vision mixer. Additionally, the external presenters were integrated with the production through the mixing software, allowing them to interact in real-time.

Plus, to give the production that professional look and the production that pop, professional lighting was used in the studio to eliminate shadows and dark spots. Furthermore, the host used a professional handsfree audio headset through the audio mixer, allowing him to use his hands and focus on the task at hand.

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