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East Coast Church have been livestreaming for church members unable to attend

We have been helping East coast Church’s livestreaming department for over 2 years now with livestreaming their service each week. This is for members who are unable to attend from not only Australia but also around the world.

The goal for the East Coast Australia live streaming team is not to gain the highest number of viewers each week but to make the services available to everyone from the congregation who is unable to attend.. The livestreaming department has received feedback from members of the church as well as potential new members who have expressed their appreciation for the online service, this allows for anyone to attend be it through illness, personal circumstances or attending to loved ones in their time of need. The feedback has been extremely positive and viewing numbers are growing weekly with members thanking the team for using the livestreaming technology to make this possible.

East coast Australia live streaming department are not only livestreaming their services, but additionally are going live with their music and theatre productions, international guest speakers and other functions in which people are unable to attend but still want to be a part of. Essentially livestreaming the services allows them to reach far more people than just holding them within the confines of the building.

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