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Engage with your Audience Live through social media

Do you have a large following through social media? Site’s like Facebook have live marketing tools that you can utilize to make the most of your following. Social media sites like Facebook are a perfect example’s of how you can use a Facebook Live Event to take advantage of your existing followers and drive more traffic through your site.

Recently a survey conducted via Facebook, confirmed that Facebook is the largest social media platform housing over 2 billion registered users with over 1 billion of these being , Facebook Live is an untapped resource by many organisations, but the response from those that use it is phenomenal and the engagement from viewers increases dramatically (Source Facebook)

With every live event, whether it’s on a social media site or via a website, there is a huge opportunity to increase awareness of your brand and engage with your target audience helping to generate income and attention for your brand/business or cause.

Generally, your followers are loyal, engaged and interact on your site on a regular basis. Therefore when you hold a Live Stream Facebook event you are almost guaranteed the attention of your followers for your live event. This is a perfect channel releasing a new product, making an announcement or want to inform people of where your company is headed – using Facebook Live is a perfect low cost way to instantly reach your audience.

To get the most from your Facebook live streaming event before it goes live, a list of the 5 most affective ways to promote your live event is listed below;

  1. Place a countdown to your live event: by promoting your live streaming event on social media in advance, this informs your followers of the future   event and allows them to share the media player for your live event with there friends plus helps increase your following. By continuingly posting reminders of your event, this increases the anticipation and awareness of your live event.
  1. Create a trend – worthy and a intuitive hash tag: Almost all live streaming events today – from sporting events to conferences will have a hash tag attached to the post. This will allow your audience and followers to engage on a more personal level and help reflect your brand plus create a buzz around your event.
  1. Customise your Links: By customising your bit link, you can share your Live event and drive your audience to your brands website by sharing a link along the way with your live video.
  1. Simulcast /multiple platforms: By hosting your live streaming event on multiple platforms, this helps you target your audience wherever they are. We can host your live event at the same time on Facebook Live, YouTube Live, twitter, periscope and Live stream, allowing you maximum exposure for your brand and products.
  1. Engage with your audience: By engaging and acknowledging your audience, this creates a more personalized interaction with them when you are live and makes the viewer fell they haven’t missed out being at the Plus you can take live questions, conduct a poll and engage in a two- way conversation with your audience giving a greater personal feel.

Once the live event is over, the media player will become an on – demand player allowing you and your followers the chance to share your post live streaming event. And the followers on your page that were unable to watch the event live will be able to scroll forward and backwards by using the DVR player. Additionally if the viewer would like to watch the live stream again, the option to re-watch is there.

If you looking for professional Facebook Live streaming Services, get in contact with the live stream Facebook professionals Go Live Australia.

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