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Enter the Hybrid Era

The Australian Central business districts (CBDs) are the hearts of our cities, the centre of commerce, leisure and creativity. Australia’s CBDs are essential in helping drive the country’s economy, and this is evident as 12% of the activity can be connected to four of the countries CBD’s.

A study done by Price Water Cooper shows that Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth together exceed the value generated by the mining industry, being $165 billion versus $161 billion. Plus, these districts employ 3.5 times the amount of employees, which shows the importance of these cities and the employment it generates.

Although due to the lockdowns initiated by the Australian government, in reaction to the covid 19 pandemic, meant the social distancing regulation forced the CBD workers to work from home, the majority being employed by the professional (21.14%) and financial services (17.63%) industries, making up 39% of the CBD workforce. Furthermore, these sectors have a high capability of being able to work from home.

This ability to work remotely has traded the CBD commute to either working from their home office or, better still, kitchen table. This trend was reflected in Melbourne’s CBD occupancy rate, showing CBD 4% of pre covid levels and 40% in Sydney CBD.

That said, it has become clear the capital CBDs are changing from the way they used to function and operate, with some experts stating it’s the death of the CBDs. Assuming we will see fewer people travel to the capital cities for work, and more likely work from home most days, travelling into the city a couple of days a week for catch-ups and meetings.

This new work culture raises the question, how will employees communicate if people are not present in the office on a full-time basis. Plus, three-quarters of city workers are reluctant to go back to their work full time. Although the good news is, the world has now caught up with the value of working outside the office.

Studies show that workers are not non-productive but are actually achieving better results when working from home. Raising the question if people are working from home and the remainder of people are working in the office. How can workers stay connected with their colleagues to complete tasks and work scopes?

(Credit; Price Water Cooper, Changing Places: how hybrid working is reinventing the Australian CBD)

Enter the Hybrid era!

Working practices across individual organisations have changed during covid, making the workplace more mobile and transient, tailored to the demands of hybrid working and ‘drop-in workers. Although thanks to innovations and technology introduced in the last decade, this has made it possible to stay connected. Staff and management are communicating online, either through telecommunication or business communication platforms, allowing colleagues to stay connected to complete the work scope and task allocated to the—management expressing its working efficiently and better than expected.

(Credit; Price Water Cooper, Changing Places: how hybrid working is reinventing the Australian CBD)

Moreover, some companies have gone one step further by hosting live hybrid events for staff working from home. Meaning the company is hosting live events with in-person employees and employees working from home. Furthermore, if the company would like to share the live hybrid event with other parties or affiliated guests, a link can be shared for viewers to view the hybrid event. Accessing the supplied link and joining in on the live stream or watching it at their convivence.

Experts have expressed that we may look back on the Covid era as one that adversely impacted the CBD’s operations, conversely forcing institutes to rethink the way they operate and do business. Overall, there has been some good lessons learnt from this new way of doing business, and it is evident it is here to stay.

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