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Facebook live Streaming Facts

Facebook live has taken the live streaming media world by storm. With almost 80 per cent of online video audiences watching live streaming content on the largest social media platform in the world, Facebook. Even gaining larger audiences/ views than YouTube and Vimeo. According to studies by live stream tech company Woza, This is evident with 17 per cent of all U.S Internet users watching videos on Facebook live compared to YouTube’s 16 Percent.

Plus the audience on Facebook live is more highly engaged, watching live videos three times longer than pre-recorded ones and ten times more likely to comment on live streaming video than another live streaming platforms.

It’s no surprise the online platform is now the number one live streaming platform for streaming. As viewers have options for different functions to choose from, allowing the viewer to vote on a live stream, plus express their thoughts and determine the onscreen action they’ll see next by taking an adventure they choose from the options available. Furthermore, this unique marketing value has been changed with the way online content is developed and consumed. It’s no surprise why Facebook Live is booming and dominating the market with the marketing tools that are on offer.

Broadcasters Benefit’s

Broadcasters see benefits with Facebook Live streaming from reaching new audiences plus the option to boost engagement with existing ones. Live Broadcasters realized the top benefits aligned with reaching a larger audience was because the platform is the most visited social media site in the world. As the options for the consumer to connect with other people and share their live experiences is important for increasing the live Facebook experience.

It is also found that if you use professional equipment with advanced hardware and software, this will benefit the viewers experience substantially as the quality of the feed will be enjoyable to watch as the vision and audio is clear and concise.

Companies see Facebook Live Streaming as Mission – Critical

For the vast majority of companies and marketing agencies, Facebook Live is more than just a cool new tool or trend; they want to stream to this platform because of its important strategic initiative for their organisation. Explaining that current and potential followers can watch and interact with broadcasters in real time, with an emotional emoji, comment or like in real time. This establishes trust and authenticity for the organizations by building relationships that pave the way for conversions and interaction or donations.

How often should you Stream to Facebook Live?

The majority of organizations use Facebook live within their company at least once a week, with some organisations going Live on a daily basis. Experts recommend organisations with 10,000 followers or fewer should post to Facebook at least one to five times per month. This helps the organizations build and maintain a regular following and stay near the top of current and potential customers feed. This is important as more consumers report watching live streaming every week, while some watch it every day.

What type of content should you stream to Facebook Live?

It is shown the vast majority of respondents who live – stream events via Facebook Live use the platform to broadcast a wide variety of other types of content. Including one-on-one interviews, conferences panels and press events are also popular cases, along with breaking news.

Plus social media platforms are now the primary news source for 62 per cent of Americans, furthermore, 66 per cent of Facebook users worldwide getting their news from the site. Furthermore, it is equally valuable for smaller organisations that want to share everything from product demos and how- to content and lectures, plus sermons with their follower’s base.

Facebook Live is critical for increased brand exposure

The number-one goal respondent’s state for streaming to Facebook Live is to reach a new audience. There are now a staggering 2 Billion monthly active Facebook Users, with a projected estimation of 64 Million daily views on Facebook live videos (both live and prerecorded). So the potential view base on the largest social media platform is massive.

When viewers share with their own followers or discuss content they’ve seen with friends, family and colleagues, awareness can spread quickly on a vast scale. Indeed, consumers in the U.S and Canada are nearly twice as likely to watch mobile videos on Facebook and Instagram because it gives them something to talk about with others, as compared with TV content.

This is the case for most organizations with this approach and seems to be working. The largest proportion of corporation that live stream on Facebook say greater brand awareness is very beneficial and they’ve realized this is as a result of Live streaming to Facebook. This is a likely reason company Facebook pages streamed six times more live videos than prerecorded ones in June 2017.

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