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Foodiful upgrades to 4k quality and gains a large amount of views on Facebook live

The Foodiful motto is ‘making food as simple as …. find, shop, cook’. This slogan epitomizes the online chef industry and specifically those with a social presence.

Live streaming via these social platforms has given these online chefs a new and immediate avenue to reach their audiences and build their following. These live stream productions have helped these online chefs build their brand and following by sharing delicious recipes via social media platforms and specifically Facebook Live. This year foodiful has taken the step to start hosting a series of live stream production on Facebook via Facebook Live for over 160,00 of their followers. The response has been fantastic.

This was definitely a positive move as statistics show that Live streaming and specifically Facebook Live is one of the fastest growing marketing tools in today’s tech savy world. Facebook has released some statics recently showing that Facebook live videos viewing rate saw a 300% increase compared to standard video content. Additionally, when annalising Live streaming on the Facebook platform these live videos were watched 6 x longer than regular videos.

Need further proof: Since Foodiful has been using our Facebook live stream services and streaming through the Facebook live streaming platform. They have had over 100 thousand views and this number continues climb.

For these Facebook live Streaming events, we use a mix of 4K cameras with different angles so from a viewers experience it feels as if you are there in the kitchen with the chefs. The Facebook live streaming experience is making everyone able to attend every event they are interested in.

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