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Future with Ford live on Twitter & periscope in Melbourne 2017

Live with Ford recently in Melbourne at the prestigious Melbourne Museum, they had over two hundred people in attendance for the Future with Ford conference. The conference discussed the future of automobiles and the likely road ahead for the industry.

The speakers included Ford CEO Graeme Whickman, former politician Jeff Kennet and Biomedical Engineer Dr Jordan Nguyen who discussed the research and innovation Ford are putting in to their cars and what they see are the needs for the public. Innovations include fuel efficient and Self-driving cars and how these will benefit disabled and elderly people in the future. Ford is going to great lengths to engineer and invent cars to suit the needs for the greater community.

With only two hundred people in the audience, Ford wanted to expand there message to a wider audience and the most effective way to achieve this was for their conference to live stream to Australia on one of the largest social media platform twitter and partnering company periscope.

During the live event, the live audience asked questions through the Q and A portal about these innovations and how this could benefit their lives, which were answered back through the live stream in real time.

For this Australia live stream event we used three broadcast cameras, placing two at the back of the room capturing a wide and tight angle with the third camera off to the side of the stage. This was to follow the speakers walking across the stage, which captured a closer personal angle.

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Check out the Link Below to watch the Future with ford live production.


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