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Go Live Australia is Now Renting

Go Live Australia are now renting leading edge live streaming video cameras and live streaming production switchers for any event or occasion!

If you need equipment that will be reliable, easy to set up and hassle free! Our Camera and live production switcher rental company in Sydney is available seven days a week and we rent Australia wide.

We hire quality High Definition (HD) cameras and Production switchers for either one-day, weekly or an extended period hire.

Additionally if you need to hire supporting camera video equipment including tripods, production switchers, bonded cellular devices and cabling for a camera feed to be ingested into the Production switcher. We can hire the accessories needed for a Live Production.

If you have budgets constrained? Why don’t you consider hiring the livestreaming equipment you require for your next event. We have complete livestream hire packages that can be customized for your next event.

Whatever your requirements we can help you find the solution, call us on 1300 719 633 or email us info@goliveau.squeezestaging.com

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