Go live Live streaming solutions have assisted with parents attending graduations as COVID restrictions stopped parents from attending their child's graduation - Go Live Australia



Go live Live streaming solutions have assisted with parents attending graduations as COVID restrictions stopped parents from attending their child’s graduation

COVID restrictions stopped parents from attending their child’s graduation. Therefore Live streaming school graduations have exploded due to COVID-19, and this is the perfect example of how Go Live live streaming solution can ensure no one does not miss out on the important moments of their family’s life.

Recently, Golive has been working with many schools during the graduation period and below we mention a few schools to give you an idea of whom we  have been able to help show the parents the child’s big day.

  • Kincoppal Rosebay
  • Marist College North Shore
  • Blakehurst Highschool
  • Menai Highschool
  • Asquith Highschool
  • Bethany College
  • North Sydney Guys Highschool

There are five key points to ensuring a graduation streaming solution is a success.

1 – Develop a tight live streaming run sheet. Go Live Live streaming solution is new to most people, including schools. Therefore, a schedule for the school and children as well as the live streaming production company needs structure an event plan, so live streaming event runs to plan.

2 – Thorough briefing and a run through the schedule with the live streaming company; they want to make this a success for you and will help you in every way they can find possible.

3 – Rehearse, rehearse, rehearse! If budget allows, rehearse with the live streaming company and do a full rehearsal of what the live stream will look like with talent and the live streaming crew, so everyone understands the final outcome. If there is not a budget to rehearse with the internal team, then a pre-meeting and brief with live streaming team and participants are essential at least.

4 – The experience – the live stream will be as good as the experience you give your viewers, so take time to develop the assets, write the script and go through the run order with your presenters and students. They need to understand that a live stream is different and that for a live stream, they need to look at the camera and stay behind a lectern.

5 – Marketing – If you do not tell anyone about the live stream, then no one will know that it is on. Studies show that frequent marketing or ‘reminding’ helps viewers remember a live stream is happening. You can even schedule a calendar invite with the live stream link included, so viewers and participants will attend the online stream.

Livestreaming either Highschool graduations or primary school graduations is a great way for parent’s or overseas family to stay in touch. Go Live offers a full recording of the live stream post the event, so that family have a keepsake of the event after, once the live stream is over.

In these interesting times, Go live streaming solutions is a fantastic way to keep those close to you informed about what is going on.

If you are interested in Go Live Streaming Solutions, get in touch for a free quote and meeting.

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