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Go Live on Facebook

Go Live on Facebook

Going live on Facebook lets people, public figures, corporations and companies share a live event through a live video on their page. It could be an announcement, live conference, entertainment event or for any other reason. This will help increase the exposure of your live event and the popularity and likes of your Facebook page to friends and followers. Additionally the Facebook live application allows the live videos to appear on your page, profile and news feed while your live stream event is live. The news feed will also appear higher when they are live which will help gain the maximum exposure for your live event.

The difference between having a professional live streaming company like Go Live to do the production compared to live streaming the production yourself, is the quality. With many years experience in the industry, using the latest high definition camera and production equipment, the comparison between the production is nothing to compare. By choosing Go Live to live stream you event, this would also mean there would be no pixelated phone footage. To set ourselves apart to produce a quality production, we use a commercial grade switcher that can integrate heading’s, graphics and branding. We then send the live feed out in multiple bitrate, which is then compatible for the viewer’s device.

If you are interested in our Live video services, get in contact with the Live Stream professionals at Go Live Australia.

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