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Going behind the scenes of Live Streamed Events 

When putting together a live streamed event, so much goes into the production to make it a successful live stream, remote or virtual event. Here are some of the key aspects that typically go behind the scenes:

  1. Planning – The first step in any successful event is careful planning. This includes setting objectives, selecting the right technology and platform, and creating a detailed agenda. The event managers at Go Live work closely with each client to ensure everything is ticked off the list before going live. We run through our process with them and set up multiple pre-production meetings, so everyone is across the scope of each live streamed event. We also help our clients design their customisable page on our Australian-owned and developed platform.
  2. Technology setup – Once all the careful planning is done, the technical setup begins. This involves configuring the appropriate software, hardware, and network infrastructures to support the live streamed event. This includes cameras, microphones, lighting, Vmix rigs, switchers and internet connections (Bonded Cellular Network).
  3. Testing – Before going live on any event, our motto is to test, test, test! Testing all the equipment and software is essential to ensure that everything works as expected. This includes testing the audio and video quality and checking the stability of the internet connection. Any remote presenters for the live stream must be tested a week from going live on the same device and connection they will be on for the live stream. We also make it good practice to test the platform that the producer will stream to by placing up a holding slide 30min before going live. Our event managers will access the platform to confirm the stream is up, allowing us to fix any potential issues.
  4. Rehearsals – Practicing the event beforehand is essential to ensure everyone knows their roles and that everything runs smoothly on the live stream day. Rehearsals will help to identify any issues that may arise and to ensure that everyone is comfortable with the technology and what they all need to do on the day of going live. Rehearsals will always iron out any issues that could arise on the day we go live.
  5. Production – During the live stream, our team of professionals are responsible for managing all aspects of the production. This includes switching between different camera angles, adjusting the lighting, and ensuring high audio and video quality.
  6. Interactivity – The audience must be kept engaged and connected for virtual events. This is typically done through interactive features such as live polls, Q&A sessions, and chat rooms; all featured on our customisable platform. We recently had an event where we encouraged our client to have an online host responsible for interacting with the audience whilst the in-person audience was having their breaks. This is so important for a live stream and a lot more engaging than just putting up holding slides during breaks. These interactive features can also be used to collect feedback and insights from the audience.
  7. Post-live stream analysis – Our team must analyse and share the results with our clients once the live stream ends. It is also vital that we gather feedback from the audience. This helps identify improvement areas and make the next event even better. Following any live stream, we first pull all the analytical reports and audience data and provide these reports to our client.During any live stream, our production team must be able to react quickly to any unexpected issues that arise or last-minute changes to the production schedule. The director must coordinate with all camera operators to capture the right shots, whilst the audio and lighting technicians ensure optimal sound and lighting. The team must also monitor the stream in real-time to ensure that the stream is stable and of the highest quality.Going behind the scenes of a live streamed production can provide a glimpse into the complex and intricate process of delivering high-quality live content to a virtual and in-person audience. Let’s take you behind the scene with Go Live, your trusted and professional Live Stream providers. 



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