Good practices to implement before your event l Live Streaming



Good practices to implement before you live stream your event.

We find when clients hold their first live stream event, the planning process and all the technical lingo that goes with the live production can be overwhelming for the client. This blog will explain some of the technical jargon and overwhelming situations you may be nervous about when Live streaming your event and what we can do to reduce the anxiety that may be associated with your up and coming live event in the future.

Where is the live streaming player going to be played and will it work? This is a concern brought up by many of our clients before a live streaming an event as the misconception is maybe the embed code that has been embedded into their personal site, company site or a social media platform like Facebook Live will not receive the production of the live stream once it goes live. The best ways to reduce an issue like this is and take the stress out the situation is, inform us of the site or sites you would like to host the live stream. We should be notified on this at least ten days before the live event, and we will create a personal event for your live stream, then run a test on the page or pages you would like to host the live event, making sure the event media player is hosted to the correct location and that everything works.

How will people find out about our live streaming event? If you have an upcoming live streaming event and wondering how people will find out about this event, the best way is to start promoting the live stream event as soon as possible with a description of the date, time and platform the live stream will be playing on so people are aware of the live event. This can be done either through a holding slide placed on a site or Facebook page and should include either a countdown clock or description of the event details. This will inform your viewers of the up and coming live event and also allowing your live stream event to be shared by the viewers, helping increase the event exposure.

What should we do with our team on event day? We recently hosted a Sydney Live Stream event, and the client was overwhelmed with how their team will operate and what they should be doing on event day. The most effective way to reduce any issues and to organise your team, so everyone is on the same page and knows their place, positions and what to expect. First write up a script, once you have a rough script and idea of what you are going to do, hold a meeting with your co-workers and run through a rehearsal of what is going to be done on event day. This way your co-workers will know their positions, who to listen to for directions and how the event will run. We have found these rehearsal days are extremely helpful in giving everyone in your group a good understating of what is required and how the live stream will be

If you have a live streaming event, you would like to discuss, including to live stream a conference, graduation or sports event or anything else. Give us a call, and we will be more than happy to discuss what we can do for your live event.


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