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Guzman and Gomez are calling for a change in the fast food industry and are spreading awareness by live webcasting a protest

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Live Webcasting Services to a Protest in World Square Sydney

Guzman and Gomez recently held a protest in World Square Sydney. The reason for the protest is to spread awareness to people about how major fast food companies that are using poor-quality meat in their food are disrespecting consumers and their health. This annoys Guzman, so in response they held a protest and live webcasted the event through their Facebook live streaming application on the social platform. The campaign was shared with followers and the Facebook community, which gained more exposure.

The Go live production crew set up three cameras for this event to capture the whole experience, wide and tight angles and strapped a roaming camera to one of our videographers to interview people who participated in the event as well as the public walking by. The outcome was successful and Guzman and Gomez are excited to hold another protest and plus webcast the event soon. If you are looking for live webcast services and would like live webcasting for your event, get in contact with Go live Australia.

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