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Home Technology giant Dyson, continues to host live streaming events from their Sydney office with Go Live

COVID restrictions are still preventing consumers from purchasing items in shops Australia Wide. So Dyson, who is a Home technology giant, decided to utilise live streaming as a way to stay connected with customers, influences and staff. Plus, by using the alternative communication system, this has allowed Dyson to interact with a broader audience, not only in Australia but across the globe.

And as the world has become more familiar with attending events via live streaming platforms, large organisations like Dyson mentioned, they will continue to utilise this method as a way to put their message out there.

Additionally, the Live Streaming platform Go Live uses on live streaming events can communicate with external guest from any location around the world in real-time, similar to zoom or a skype call. In times like these, having the capability to interact with their clients is very practical for organisations like Dyson to stay in touch with clients so they can continue to sell products. The live conversation is then ingested into the live streaming platform, allowing external guest to see the live chat as it happens.

The most recent live streaming event Dyson held, was to showcase the home and beauty technology range to clients and social media influences who are big fans of the Dyson product range. The small intimate Live streaming event was hosted via a virtual conference platform, with participants attending the conference in separate virtual conference room, which allowed them to interact with the product specialist when the products were being showcased in the live conference.

To make this Sydney live stream event look great, Go Live used four 4k broadcasting cameras, mounted on professional bubblehead tripods, LED lighting and in-ear sound devices for the presenter to interact with the external guest clearly. This production was then mixed in a vision switcher that can integrate graphics, branding, videos and lower thirds.

By using professional equipment, this allows the company to showcase their products to the best of their ability, as the switcher can present the most favourable shot from the cameras and can be supported with videos, graphics and branding in the live streaming event.

Go Live provides their live streaming services Australia wide, and this includes, Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney, Adelaide and Canberra.

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