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Host a private live streaming session

Hosting a private live streaming event is something Go Live regularly does, and is a live streaming service that we provide in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane and all over Australia. Whether the event has private information for invited guess only or the Live Streaming host would like to make some money through Pay Per View, then hosting a private event is the solution to achieve this.

This is done by supplying the viewer with a password, and once the viewer has the password, they can use this to gain access and enter the live streaming event. When access Is granted, and the media player is visible, the viewer and or attendee can watch the live stream and also have access to watch the on-demand player once the event is over.

 Plus, there is no limit to the number of attendees; the media player can be created as a white-labelled media player and be shared around to other viewers who have access. 

 Alternatively, if the host would like to make some money on the private live streaming session, then adding a pay per view function is possible. Pay per view events is an ideal function for music events, guest speakers and talent that viewers would like tune in to see.

 Want to find out more about hosting a private live streaming session, give the live streaming professionals a call on  1300 719 633.

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