How Australian Businesses are Creating Buzz l Live Streaming



How Australian Businesses are Creating Buzz by Live Streaming Events

We find, some organisations try and use strategies that have been around for a long time, including advertising in the newspapers, billboards, radio or other advertising techniques that have been used for a long time. Although, now is the time to think outside the box and be an innovator, utilising different marketing techniques that can expose your brand and content to the world. And this can be done through live streaming.

This is what the smart cookies in Australian businesses are now doing, creating a buzz for the viewers and any interested parties, by not only live streaming their events locally but to the world. Plus it is possible to live stream a product launch, conference or a staff training event or anything you would like to go live with, the unique medium of instant access is what society now demands.

Why is this smart? because if your event is live streamed to a platform of your choice, being Facebook Live, YouTube or another similar social media platform. The audience catchment for your event is not only the people in the room but a much larger audience, who may not have been able to attend the event otherwise. Plus you can make the event a private show, by adding password protection to the link, allowing only viewers with a password to watch the stream if you did not want the event to go public.

This type of marketing strategy has a distinct advantage over any other promotional type of events, including the standard media print, radio or tv because of the possibilities to go live with your stream to different platforms, allowing the viewer multiple options to view the event.

Plus, once the live stream ends, the live stream is converted to a DVR media player on the site for anyone to watch. It does not go away like a television show, flyer or a radio commercial, the DVR player will stay online and can be viewed at any point in the future by anyone in their own time.

Plus the link to the live stream can be shared, creating more awareness of your live stream event, alternatively, you can create a tight edit of the stream for a one minute hit on Instagram.

Go Live’s streaming services in Australia provide the audio and visual feast for your corporate event whether it is in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane or Bribie Island.

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