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How do I Go Live?

There are many ways to ‘go live’, and as we head into 2020 we seem to continue to increase in the platforms we can stream to and the software we can use to do it. To list a few, you can now stream on: Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo, Twitch, Instagram(sort of), Livestream, Wowza, Linkedin, Yammer + many many more…

This can all just seem daunting if you are just starting out in the game, but the two main questions stay the same. Where do I stream to? And what software do I use to get it there? 

Where do I stream to?

This one is usually answered pretty simply, stream to where your audience is! With so many platforms now offering streaming you will be pressed to find one that doesn’t offer a live feature (except Instagram, which is a little tricky but still possible). If you have a website with large viewership you can use CDN’s like Livestream, Wowza or Vimeo to embed an iframe. 


if you have more of a social audience you can easily stream with Facebook, YouTube, Linkedin, Twitch, Yammer and many more. 

If you have no specific social or web audience we would suggest running with either Facebook or YouTube as these are generally the most user friendly tools for beginners, offer a wide range of features and are FREE!

What software do I use to live stream?

This is a much more complicated question to answer and will depend upon your budget and the quality of stream you wish to produce. 

Here you can range from a single webcam stream on Facebook to a multi camera production set up streaming to multiple destinations in 4K. (More likely something in between). 

Some free software you can use to stream includes OBS, which we rate as one of the best free pieces of software and is widely used to stream games as it allows high frame rate capture and picture in picture support. 

Stepping it up a bit you can check out VMix which is reasonably priced given that it is fully capable of handling large multi camera environments, multiple streaming destinations, audio mixing and much more. 

Another alternative is to mix with a hardware switcher like the Blackmagic ATEM Mini or Roland V1-SDI (review here) which handle multiple cameras and basic graphics and then output the signal from here into your laptop using a capture card like the AJA U-Tap (check out our review here) in order to stream. This can also be a great solution as you have the power of the hardware switcher without being hindered by your computers CPU or Graphics card. 

Just give it a go:

There are so many ways we can stream now and so many destinations we can stream to. Our advice is to start small and start working your way up. However, if this is a bit too daunting for you then give us a call and we can sort out a solution for you. 

For more info on livestreaming check out golive.com.au

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