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How do you Live stream an event, Tips and Trips

If a live stream event is not set up correctly or the equipment utilised during the production is not the right equipment, than this can be a recipe for the live stream to fail and ruin a good live stream event.

As one of the larger live stream providers in Australia, we know the importance of getting the live stream event right from the beginning. This is achieved by doing your due diligence before the event even starts. From either visiting the site and doing a site inspection or communicating with someone internal that has the knowledge of the area the live stream will be hosted from.

Site Inspection;

Before your event, think about what could go wrong, and if it does go wrong, how are you going to stop this from happening before the worst-case scenario occurs! Scoping out the job site beforehand by doing a site inspection could defiantly help prevent these issues from arising, making sure the equipment used on the day will work, and the job will be done most professionally. 

If Go Live has not seen the site previously, we will do a site inspection at the new location to make sure there are no hidden surprises on the day of production. Reducing the chances of turning up to the site and there are issues with the live stream signal upload speed, infrastructure within the building and placement of the equipment on the day.

On our site inspections, we also look at the size of the site or auditorium, power sources provided, the location where the tripods and cameraman will stand and make sure we get a signal out of the building with the live stream signal.  So when we turn up on the day of production, there are no hidden surprises.

Live stream drop out during production;

A drop out is possible and if not taken seriously, could ruin your whole live stream event. To prevent this, do a site inspection, open up an Ookla speed test on your computer or phone and perform a test to make sure you have enough bandwidth to upload the live stream during your event. If there is low upload speed, consider running a cable outside to an external cellular bond unit. Plus consider placing the unit in a waterproof case during the event, in the event, it rains. 

Plus make sure the power cable supplying the power to your equipment is tapped down too. You do not want foot traffic or bystanders tripping on you’re cable during the live stream event. Ultimately causing the stream to stop.

Measure the distance;

Measuring the distance from where the switcher, camera or audio desk will be set up before the event starts will allow you to choose the right SDI, XLR and power cables to take on the event day. If you turn up to the site on event day and the cables are too short, this will put you under pressure to try and figure something out and panic will set in, taking your focus away from delivering a professional production and mistakes will start to occur.  So make sure the cables you are going to use on event day are the correct length so you can reach the location where your equipment will be set up. Rule of thumb is better to have more than not enough.

No Back Up;

It is always good to have a backup plan during a live stream because when you’re live, you do not have time to fix things or change out the equipment. And this is too time-consuming, plus one of your staff is not focusing on the event or doing what he is supposed to do, as they are trying to fix the issue, instead of focusing on working. Consider what could go wrong at the start of the event and put in place either a backup plan or redundancy equipment that will start or kick in if there is an issue.  Go Live has considered every issue and continues too put in place procedures on a regular base to cover any for seen incident’s that could occur.

If you would like to know more about what you could implement in your live stream event, give us a buzz, and we will be happy to help you with professional advice, equipment or any live streaming constraints that you have. Give the Go live streaming team a call on 1300719633.  Go live Australia streaming service are available to Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth.

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