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How many companies are live streaming their events with success!

Over the last three months, we have all seen a dramatic shift in the way a lot of Melbourne companies are doing business! This shift has seen a lot of corporates in unfamiliar territory, trying to work out how they can continue to communicate with their employees, clients and abroad, seamlessly and productively. Live streaming has become their answer, a new way of connecting to their audience; however, live streaming is not a new concept by any means! It has been around for over 20 years, and it is only now that companies realise the vital role live streaming plays within their organisations.

Streaming events live, enables Melbourne companies to continue to connect to their market and opens them up to a global audience. Look at the way schools suddenly shifted from a classroom setting to teaching online and with an element of live streaming, schools in Melbourne, interstate, all over the world! It was a shift that saw the tech-savvy reeling in this new world, and the far less tech-savvy scrambling to make things work, and live streaming does precisely that, it works and a lot more effectively than many companies could have ever imagined. 

Each year The Australian Wagyu Beef Association holds their annual branded beef competition. Like most large company events, these are events generally held at venues with more than 400 people in attendance. “When COVID-19 hit just weeks before our event we had to respond rapidly. We immediately got in touch with Go Live and worked hand in hand with them to develop a first-class live stream online award ceremony, which exceeded our expectations. We had over 500 people watching the event live, and more than 8000 people streamed over the course of the week, this has given us far greater coverage, better value and recognition than we would have received through our standard format” (Dr Matt McDonagh, CEO at Wagyu Beef Association).

It is many stories, like that of the Australian Wagyu Beef Association, that continue to emerge and highlight the importance of live streaming, not only in today’s environment but live streaming is heading towards being the norm for executing many events.

Does your Melbourne Company need to communicate your message through live streaming? Do you have an important corporate event, conference, exhibition or training session that you now need to get out to a broader audience? Please get in contact with us today to discuss the variety of solutions available.

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