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How to live stream on YouTube

Generally when hosting a live stream, Go Live Australia creates a production, then sends the event feed to a live stream server we are partnered with, and the platform creates a media player that can be embedded on the client’s site or social media platform of their choice.

 The benefit of this media player we use is, that it is white labelled, meaning there is no branding or logos on the live stream media player platform, allowing the clients brand to gain maximum exposure. Plus the media player can be viewed in multiple bit rates to best suit the device the viewers are watching the stream on.

Although we advise our clients to live stream to this platform, we can also live stream the event to multiple platforms, gaining more eyeballs to view the event, giving it maximum exposure.  This includes Facebook, Youtube, Periscope, plus other social media platforms that allow us to go live too.

However, one of our favourite platforms to go live to is YouTube, as this platform has a large following and a user-friendly interface, making it easier to create a media player that can be embedded on your website and or multiple platforms of your choice.

Plus, if you would like to go live to YouTube with an encoder yourself, below are the instructions from YouTube on how this is possible;

Streaming via an encoder lets you do more with your live stream. You can broadcast your gameplay, use external audio/video hardware, involve multiple cameras, and more. If you don’t want to use an encoder, you can go live with a webcam (no additional software required). To make this possible, follow the instructions below;

  1. Download and set up an encoder.
  2. Ensure that you’ve you have enabled your channel for Live streaming.
  3. Click the upload icon in the upper right-hand corner.
  4. Click Go live.
    • Clicking this will take you to the live control room where you can set up your streams and go live.
  5. At the top, select Stream.
  6. Enter a title and description, and select a privacy setting. You can also add a custom thumbnail that represents your event, schedule your live stream for a later date, or enable monetization (if eligible).
  7. Click Settings for advanced settings. Here you can turn on chat, change latency, etc. 
  8. Start the encoder. Go back to the live dashboard and wait for the preview to begin.
  9. Click Go live.
  10. To end the live stream, click End Stream and stop sending content from your encoder. All streams under 12 hours will be automatically archived. You can access previous, current, and upcoming streams in the Live Tab on your YouTube Studio dashboard. Learn more

Note; For this to be possible, you must retrieve a stream key from the encoder linked to your event (The encoder is the device that is live streaming your event and will produce a code that identifies your event). Once you have found the stream key, insert this into the stream key tab in YouTube and select for paring.

If you would like to know more about live streaming via YouTube or other platforms. Get in contact with the Sydney Live streaming professionals Go Live Australia

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