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How to livestream on Twitch

Twitch is the world leader in online game streaming. Bringing together game streamers and viewers into one social platform.

There are two common options for game streamers. Game and Stream from a single computer, or use two separate computers. We will show you some options for both.

Option 1: Single system

First things first is to download OBS. This is a free streaming piece of software that allows us to send a single RTMP stream to Twitch from the same computer.

Once installed and you have your game running you will want to create a new scene inside of OBS, we are going to keep this simple but there are plenty of tutorials out there for more complex scenes.

Select Add > Game Capture > then select your current open game. This will automatically bring in your game audio level.

If you have an additional microphone you can add this as a source from the same setting.

You will then want to grab your RTMP address from your Twitch account settings and paste these into the streaming options in OBS.

And that’s it. Once you press Start Streaming your stream will be live on Twitch.

Option 2: Split System

If you wish to run using a split system a few extra pieces of equipment will be required. As we need a way to get the video out of one machine and into OBS on the other we need to purchase some capture cards. Simplest way is to install a Blackmagic Decklink Mini SDI or HDMI into your gaming system and use either a USB capture card from Magewell, AJA or Blackmagic or even another Blackmagic Mini Capture card installed into the other system. Then just connect with the relevant SDI, HDMI or USB cables.

The rest of the steps are then identical to the Single System. Install OBS and add your game source in, except you will choose Capture Device not Game Capture from the create source menu.

We can even connect a USB or HDMI camera to our streaming computer and add this as a source into our OBS scene.

If this all sounds way too complicated we can help you out. We specialise in streaming large events and conferences and can stream your next professional e sports event. We operate out of Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide. The benefits of bringing in a professional team can be readily seen. We can capture multiple gaming feeds as well as player cameras and mix it all into one stream that goes out to your viewers. We are even able to mix in commercials, logos and commentary.

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