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How to prep your Sydney Business for going LIVE!

When you first hear the words live streaming what do you automatically think of? If you are one of many people who simply put Live Streaming to the side because you simply don’t understand it, or you are in the events industry and you just want to go back to running events the organic way, then you are losing out on the market. A market that is growing rapidly. 

If you are open-minded about live streaming and want to better understand the process and the way that it can help your business grow, this may just be worth the read. 

For the most part and due to the ever-changing environment we find ourselves in, many businesses are already very accustomed to what Live Streaming is, many were forced to learn when COVID hit. For those businesses that aren’t exactly sure what live streaming is, let us begin there. 

Live streaming has become an integral way for Sydney businesses to create lasting connections with their customers and more so now than ever businesses can physically see the traction Live Streaming is having and the return on their investment. 

What is live streaming? 

It is the process where a video is broadcasted in real-time over the internet from one source to hundreds or thousands of viewers. Your viewers are watching the video at the same time your live streaming producer would be creating it. There are no filters, there are no edits and you only get one chance of getting it right! That in itself may scare some businesses off from live streaming, however, if you are appointing professionals, just like Go Live, it is a seamless activity. 

When considering if your business will Live Stream, or not, you must have a plan, a business plan that considers your budget, how your business will benefit from live streaming, and of course what potential return your business may get on the investment. Then it is time to think about the benefits that live streaming will have on your business. Such benefits include, but are not limited to:

So what things do you need to consider and how do you prep your business to Go Live?

  1. Professional Live Streaming Companies – If you want an easy transition into live streaming and you don’t know where to start or what is best for your business, research live streaming companies. They are ultimately the professionals in the industry and they will be able to work with you to ensure the success of your live stream. They have all the live streaming gear needed to execute your production and they will take the stress out of what may be a daunting task. Whilst budget is always important, experience is key, which means you sometimes do need to spend a little more to get the result you want. 
  2. Internet – To live Stream, you need a reliable internet connection. In particular, you need to ensure you have both a good download speed and upload speed. It is recommended that you also have a dedicated internet connection available, meaning you are connected via Ethernet to a network that is not being used by any other system or device. If you are appointing a professional then they should be coming to all productions with a bond. At Go Live we never stream without a Teradek Bond 657 + cube 655. This bond has 10 network connections and combines up to 5 USB connections, WIFI and Ethernet. It ensures that we have the backup so our live streamed productions are never interrupted by poor internet. 
  3. Live Streaming Gear – If you are appointing the service of a professional Sydney Live Streaming company then they will of course come with all state of the art Live Streaming gear, taking out the complexity for your business. As part of the standard Go Live streaming packages you will get the following:

4. Lighting – For any professional live streamed event, good lighting is imperative and can either make or break your live streamed event. It is important to ensure you are booking in a site recce with your chosen Sydney Venue to ensure what lighting is needed. At Go Live we make part of our process to always do a site recce before the live stream so that we can suss out the lighting at each venue. If extra lighting is needed we always bring along our Creamsource mini’s, which are high power LED Luminaire designed for the live streaming and television industries. 

5. Choosing the location of your Live Stream – Location is key when deciding to Live Stream a Sydney Event. You need to consider the available Internet source, is there sufficient connectivity? Is there sufficient lighting, natural light being the most favourable for a live stream. Does the venue have good audiovisual equipment and a professional audiovisual team onsite?

Whether you are a Sydney Business that has decided to go down the track of Live Streaming your event on your own, or you would prefer to divert the added stress and appoint a professional live streaming company, Call Go Live today. We can hire you all the Live Streaming gear you require and assist in answering all your streaming questions, or our dedicated team will be there every step of the way for your next Sydney Live Streamed event. 





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