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Sydney Hybrid Events

In-person and remote events are often planned and executed as separate entities. However, Sydney organisations combining the two are gaining immense insight into audience behaviour and wider content distribution as their audience is significantly larger and located in different area’s. We refer to this style of event as a Hybrid Event, which is the shift we will see in the industry in 2022.

With life starting to settle back into some “normalcy”, COVID is still placing a big question mark over the Sydney Events industry, which is why Sydney companies have to move from the conventional way of doing events to more of an adaptive approach.

Hybrid events are the perfect solution for those events that can be effectively carried out in person and virtually. They are also helpful solutions when many of the attendees who would generally attend the Sydney event in person cannot do so. A Hybrid event could be for a trade show, conference, AGM, product launch, internal meetings etc.

There are many reasons why Sydney companies might choose to hold a Hybrid event over the more conventional one. Some of these reasons, but not limited to, are:

  • Attendees are unable or unwilling to travel due to health or safety concerns.
  • Border closures restrict some people from attending.
  • Sydney businesses have tight travel budgets to cover the costs of travel.
  • International presenters cannot travel to the event and so attend remotely, ultimately saving time and money.
  • The venue where the on-site portion of the event will be hosted has capacity limitations, so not all attendees can attend the venue.

Hybrid events hold several critical advantages over traditionally run Sydney events, with the most significant difference being the impressive reach that Hybrid events provide. With a Hybrid event, Sydney event managers, along with their audience, are no longer bound by physical or location restrictions; anyone all over Australia, across the globe, have the opportunity to be able to participate in your Sydney event.

  1. Hybrid events allow real-time feedback from participants, allowing event organisers to gain information for future events and ways they can improve an existing event. An example of this would be if audio began to play up for the virtual audience, a delegate may comment about this giving the organisers a chance to rectify this issue if they were unaware.
  2. Hybrid events have lower costs than face-to-face events because fewer people will attend, so catering costs, accommodation and flight costs would decrease. Not to mention the cost of hiring the venue, as fewer guests may attend, deciding to watch remotely.
  3. Overall, hybrid events allow a larger audience to be reached since the virtual option can be accessed by a significant number of people from anywhere around the world. Plus allowing the host to brand and market to a global audience.
  4. It is easier to follow up and interact with the participants through the interaction functionalities that can be measured and analysed during and post-event.
  5. This format is more convenient to the audience as it is more flexible, and you are not only restricted by the guest attending in person. Go Live has seen this become the more favourable option for new generations, especially as they are more familiar with the new technologies.

Hybrid events will be leading the way throughout Sydney in 2022 as businesses decide to include Hybrid events in their calendar. Be at the forefront with your event planning; call the Go Live team of professionals, and they will be able to assist in creating the perfect Hybrid event for your Syndey company.

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