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Ikea Live Streams with Go Live

Go Live recently hosted a live stream production for Ikea at studio 3 Baker street.  The purpose of Go Live providing their Livestream services for this Sydney event was to record and host a live panel discussion between Ikea Australia CEO Jan Gardberg, MP for Port Stephens Kate Washington, CEO of Business Council Australia for Sustainable Development Andrew Petersen and Katerina Kimmorley who is a Renewable Energy and Clean Tech Investment Director and entrepreneur. 

The Live Stream guest spoke about Ikeas innovative ideas to implement sustainable products into peoples homes to reduce the carbon footprint, plus the introduction of new solo panels Ikea is starting to provide to customers worldwide. Kate discussed the government’s role in transitioning over to renewable energy and what the mining town, Hunter Valley is doing to improve its carbon footprint. Andrew, who consults to businesses on how to improve their carbon footprint discussed what the Business Council is doing to help reduce the footprint Australia wide.

Go Live was excited to provide their live streaming services on this Sydney event as Ikea is the world leader when it comes to designing and creating furniture for all people around the world. 

For Go Live to provide the quality live stream, they used three cameras mounted on tripods, with a wide, tight and mid camera angle. Go Live also used a cinema camera mounted on a shoulder rig for unique shots throughout the live stream. All cameras feeds were returned to the live switching device, and from there, Ikeas video and graphics were added for introducing the panellist. Lastly, the Livestream was broadcasted to Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and all-around Australia for the audience to engage and be part of the event.

If you would like to host a similar live stream as Ikea has done, please get in touch with the live-streaming professionals. Go Live Australia on 1300 719 633 or send an email to info@goliveaustralia.com.au.

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