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Increase the attendance at your next event through livestreaming

FACT: 67% of viewers are more likely to buy a ticket to a similar concert or event after watching the live video of an event. (source:

The common concern we hear is “I want bums on seats, Livestreaming the event will make people not come to the actual event”. This is false, statistics have shown that by offering live video streaming to your audience they are more likely to purchase a ticket to the event. Think of Live video streaming or Livestreaming as a way for your audience or viewing base to trial or test your event out prior to attending. This lends itself to 2 key benefits:

1 – The quality of your attendees is far better as people who have watched the live video stream and then decided to purchase a ticket are a much warmer audience than ‘first timers’ they know what they are in for, they want what you have to offer and have taken the next step to experience it in person

2 – The increase in reach, it is far less of a commitment for people to watch a lives stream event than it is for your audience to attend, for all the fence sitters who haven’t decided if they should attend or not, this is your chance to show them why they should attend the next event. It is the perfect opportunity for your audience to dip their toe in the water instead of saying no they won’t attend your event.

Makes sense to me…. We are in a society of ‘try before you buy’ essentially this allows the audience to watch your live video stream before they purchase a ticket.

Think of it as an extension of your marketing mix, essentially live video streaming is a form of marketing for you to show the world what you can do and what you can offer them. Why not try it what do you have to lose?

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