Live Webcasting Brain Aneurysm & other Medical Procedures



It’s not exactly Brain Surgery…or is it?

Live Webcasting Brain Aneurysm

Live Webcasting Brain Aneurysm

It goes with the nature of our industry that we live webcast a variety of things in many different industries. This can be anything from corporate events, live stream a sports events to recently live webcasting a brain aneurysm.

A medical company called Medtronic recently contacted Go Live, asking if it was possible to live webcast a new procedure. The medical company wanted to live webcast the operation for a group of practicing doctors in India to watch in real time. This enabled doctors in India to ask live questions during the operation.

Setting up the cameras was simple, after discussing with the surgeons, we came with up with the idea of mounting an HD commercial grade camera to a rod on the operating table to get an up-close view of his hands. The head surgeon wore a lapel microphone during the procedure to explain what was going on.

A second camera was placed at the rear of the operating room to capture a wider angle, which the switcher operator would change to this view during less critical parts of the operation.

If you would like to discuss what we could do for your business, organization or anything you would like live webcast. Get in contact with the Australian live streaming services professionals at GO LIVE Australia.

Live Webcasting Medical Procedures

Camera mounted to the operating table

Live Webcasting

Switching to multiple angles during the procedure

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