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Going Live with La Marzocco – Hybrid Events Sydney and Melbourne


With life somewhat going back to “normal” there has been another shift within the events industry and a subtle move back to Hybrid events. Live streaming has become an integral way for Sydney businesses to create lasting connections with their customers, and more so now than ever businesses can physically see the traction hybrid events are having.

La Marzocco approached us to be part of their very first Hybrid event, which invited the country’s espresso machine technicians to take part in a day of intellectual collaboration, insight and development. In their third year of running this event, the decision to take it Hybrid was a natural one. With the ever-changing world, the La Marzocco community of technicians have made the successful transition to online collaboration and communication. 

This Hybrid event was a day-long live event with the hub being in Sydney. It encompassed guest spots and contributors from technical leaders and industry professionals within and external to the La Marzocco team. It included remote speakers from Melbourne, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, the United States and Italy.

For this Hybrid live-streamed event to be so successful, Go Live set up the Sydney Hub with four top-end cameras, one of which was a roaming camera to add more vision and depth to the Hybrid event. Two of the four cameras were operated by our professional crew and the remaining two cameras were fixed on tripods to a wide and tight angle. Having so many cameras capturing vision made for an exciting event for those watching the hybrid event virtually. 

In order to ensure the audio for the hybrid event was managed professionally from all locations, we had a dedicated audio technician with top of the art equipment managing the audio from the hub in Sydney.

La Marzocco wanted to go for a relaxed look in the studio, and whilst there was excellent lighting, Go Live added some LED light panels to make the vision pop even more. 

Go Live streamed this whole Hybrid event to a custom-designed landing page hosted on the Go Live platform, which allowed over four hundred virtual audiences to watch the live streamed Hybrid event. The content then became a video on demand on the custom landing page, post hybrid event as a 1080p stream. 

It is always vital that Go Live run tests to ensure the success of Hybrid events and any tech issues are ironed out before going live. The Go Live team not only conducted virtual testing with the remote speakers, but we also set up all of the live streaming gear the day before going live and did a full test and rehearsal. 

If you would like to know more about this Hybrid event or how we can deliver the same service for you. Please get in touch with the Hybrid event specialists, Go Live, for a free quote.


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