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Live Auctions

Ever been to an auction, we have, and it can be scary and exciting at the same time. You see people with a phone stuck to their ear and think, wow; someone is making a decision to buy a product or real-estate purchase on someone else behalf from a phone.

Plus they are missing the visual excitement of the Auction. You have to watch an auction live!

When you watch an auction via live stream, now you are bringing all the senses together to really put the buyers in the heart of the action/auction. The purchaser can see everything that is happening, who they are bidding against, how many people are there, who is bluffing, what is the auctioneer doing, as if you were there.

If you ever see an auction Livestream, you will you know what I mean, it’s just a thoroughly engaging experience. The versatile component of being able to watch the auction live, plus capture the whole affair allowing you to view later in your own time. The live stream could be for your family, work, learning human behaviour or selling techniques, whatever the reason, a live stream auction will allow anyone unable to attend the auction, participate, from any location throughout the world.

With a live auction in Australia, we can stream it to any site for anyone in any location to be part of the live auction. If you are interested in holding a live Auction or similar, get in contact with the auction live stream specialist. Go live Australia.

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