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Live at Cape Solander

Going Live at Cape Solander via Swellnet

If you’re an experienced surfer and don’t mind surfing larger waves or just enjoy watching them, one of the best places for this is at Sydney’s Notorious Cape Solander. It is located in south Sydney’s Kurnell national park. Cape Solander is known amongst surfers as one of the scariest, heaviest and most intimidating waves to surf in Australia. With the size, thickness and close distance it breaks to the rocks, it’s easy to understand why Cape Solander has gained this reputation.

On Friday 30th of January, large 3-4 meter waves came up the east coast of Australia and targeted Sydney’s beaches and reef’s that face south including Cape Solander. With a good understanding of large wave conditions and what Cape Solander needs to turn on, our live stream sports events team was more than ready to live stream this surf session. On this occasion, we teamed up with surf website Swellnet and sent the live big wave session out through a media player on their site.

When there’s big waves at Cape Solander there is never a shortage of Australian and international big wave specialist out surfing when all the conditions come together. On this day Australia’s number one big wave surfer Mark Mathews and friends were out there getting some good barrels. If you would like to live stream a sports event, please get in contact with our team for a free quote.


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